Motor control news from STMicroelectronics - July 2014

2014-07-30 20:11
Motor control news from STMicroelectronics July 2014
Product news
Evaluate ST’s low-cost and robust 2000 W universal motor control solution
The STEVAL-IHM029V1 is a low-cost universal motor control demonstration board. Based on the STM8S103F2 8-bit MCU, the board can control any universal motor up to 2000 W thanks to the T1235H, a 12 A, 600 V high-temperature Triac. It is designed for home appliance applications, specifically for vacuum cleaners, food processors and power tools. In order to limit the in-rush current and possible current peaks, the demonstration board features a soft-start routine and a smooth power change function. More
Step-up the efficiency of your motor control designs with ST’s STripFET F7 MOSFETs
Featuring a new trench-gate structure, ST’s 80 and 100 V STripFET F7 MOSFETs provide the industry’s best on-resistance versus thermal resistance trade-off for superior performance and efficiency in motor control applications. The excellent on-state resistance and figure of merit (FoM) help simplify designs and meet power and efficiency targets by using fewer devices in smaller package sizes. More
Dual high-power DC or stepper motor driver shield
The EVAL-VNH5019-P2 motor driver shield includes most of the required components and makes it easy to control a single high-power stepper or two bidirectional brushed DC motors. This board is equipped with a pair of ST's VNH5019A motor drivers. These automotive-qualified, fully integrated, H-bridge motor drivers operate from a 5.5 to 24 V DC supply and can deliver an output current up to 12 A continuous (30 A peak).The board can be used with ST’s SPC56P-Discovery and STM32 Nucleo microcontroller boards as well as Arduino-compatible boards. This motor driver shield is a perfect pick for both beginners requiring a plug-and-play solution and expert users looking to develop a complete hardware and software motion control solution. More
New FOC ecosystem makes your motor control design even easier and faster
Explore ST’s enriched motor control software development kit (tools and FW library) providing all you need to develop your motor control applications based on STM32F MCUs. Release 4.0 of the STM32 PMSM FOC Software Development Kit (STSW-STM32100) includes a new sensorless motor control algorithm, support for high frequency injection (ST patent pending) and other improvements which simplify and accelerate customers’ projects. Application development and optimization is facilitated by the PC-based MC Workbench software. This GUI sets SDK parameters and provides real-time access to control variables including their display on a virtual oscilloscope. More
dSPIN™ Discovery puts stepper motor control design at your fingertips
The EVAL6472H-DISC is a new release in ST's dSPIN Discovery evaluation and development tools family. This low-cost board is dedicated to exploring the L6472, a fully integrated micro-stepping motor driver featuring a patented current control technique for the tightest control of motor rotation. The EVAL6472H-DISC embeds an STM32 MCU and is fully autonomous. When used with the dedicated PC-based graphic user interface (provided), you can start running your motor in seconds or develop dedicated firmware for your motion control applications. More
Extend the limits when driving motors with the ACS108 800 V AC switch
The ACS108, the first device in ST's third generation of AC switches, increases the blocking voltage to 800 V, while also increasing its electrical noise immunity to at least 2 kV/µs at 400 V. Housed in TO-92 and SOT-223 packages, the low turn-off energy of the ACS108 reduces the overvoltage generated by its load. The ACS108 is ideal for on/off static switching in fans and pumps as well as for driving solenoids in smart appliances and home automation applications. It improves the safety margin when driving inductive loads without requiring additional snubber circuits and extends the application range from 120/230 V to 277 V and 400 V AC mains. More
New EOS protection devices withstand higher power in smaller, flatter packages
ST’s new EOS protection devices are now able to protect against higher power surges with the same or even smaller PCB footprint; up to 600 W in an SMA package (SMA6J), 3000 W in an SMC package (SMC30J) or just 400 W in the tiny STmite flat package (SMM4F). ST offers higher power density products still with a very low power derating at high temperatures. For instance, there is no power derating of the SMC30J up to 85°C and it still dissipates 75% of the maximum power at 150°C. Planar technology enables low leakage current thus improving the overall power consumption of the system. More
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